What’s a Workshop?

In the non-Eggseed world, many “workshops” are actually seminars funded by tuition. You pay a fee, and an expert dispenses pearls of wisdom. Nothing wrong with creative seminars. You get out of them what you put into them. After instruction is over, it’s up to you to take your own work product and make it succeed in a buyer’s market. You’re on your own when it comes to earning any income from your writing, and there is no lasting commitment.

Eggseed Workshops are different. Our focus is on creating valuable content together, and sharing in the rewards. Participants do this not as employees, contractors or partners, but as co-licensees of the work product they create together. Each contributor retains ownership over their own contributions, and grants a limited non-exclusive license to the other workshop participants, subject to payment of a royalty and compliance with the license terms. All participants are individuals and none enjoy privileges greater than others.

Within this basic framework, workshops can vary in the details. Workshops may set up different roles and schemes for earning royalty shares, depending on the workshop’s objective. For example, editors and agents can benefit from participation, as well as writers, graphic artists, and other productive artists. Not only is participation a great way to show off your skills and scout for talented collaborators and clients, it also comes with an opportunity to earn a royalty share.

Eggseed Press organizes and hosts the workshops in exchange for the right to make publication offers on produced content. It is not a participant in the workshops and must negotiate separately for publication rights from the co-licensees.

Eggseed Workshops offer many advantages for the artist: a focus on productivity with a committed team, skill development, collaboration on shared goals, networking, royalty shares, and opportunities to contribute to a pool of rights governed by reciprocal and fair cross licenses. Oh, and it’s free! Each contributes their time and skill towards the goal, instead of paying cash up front. Usually, the goal includes producing content for a specific marketplace, although more literary workshops are also possible.

Workshops are scheduled with part-time commitments from participants, each of whom must fulfill their commitments to earn their cross-license rights. Workshops are designed to enable participants to contribute to asset pools earning royalty shares for many years to come.

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